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Woman of the Week (WOW): Biodun Da-Silva

Woman of the Week (WOW): Biodun Da-Silva

Biodun Da-Silva is a writer, a columnist, an Entrepreneur and a Humanitarian. She is a licensed Manufacturer, a Wholesaler, a certified Food Manager and the President of Business Development for Masidas Enterprise LLC. A Limited Liability Company, registered in the State of Texas in 2019 specializes in the Manufacturing, Importation, Wholesaling and Distribution of African food products sourced from various countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa Region.

She is an ardent investor with interests in real estate and stock investment respectively. She is a domestic Violence advocate and a proud feminist. She developed an interest in writing at the age of 10 and went on to become a published writer at the age of 15. Presently, she writes for various digital platform and publication. Her message borders around Entrepreneurship, life Lessons and general interests topics. She is the founder of

Biodun Da-Silva is a true believer in giving back to the society. She is a dedicated Humanitarian who supports nonprofit Organizations that are working actively to assist the disadvantaged people in our community. She is an active and a recognized United Nations/UNICEF Volunteer, she is a former Board member of We Are Survivor a US based nonprofit foundation that caters for the needs of abused men, women and children in the society. Presently, she is an executive member of The Nigerian Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals in the United States.Though she has a very humble educational background, she supports and is instrumental to the educational development of others.Biodun Da-Silva is an ambivert who enjoys reading, writing and watching action movies with her family. She is a mother to 2 amazing boys and a wife to a supportive husband.

Here are a few of her online publications:…/biodun-da-silva-5-ways-to…/…/the-power-of…

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