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Association Of Women Entrepreneurs & Professionals Worldwide

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Empowering The Next Generation of Women Leaders
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Our “Empower Girls in STEM” program gives underrepresented groups, particularly girls and women, a window into STEM careers and builds a network of support and ongoing mentorship for students who are interested in studying and practicing STEM. AWEP recognizes that female education is a crucial component to poverty alleviation and investing in girl’s education also helps delay early marriage and parenthood. It is AWEP’s goal to increase the number of women in STEM through our mentorship efforts and our career-focused programs and initiatives.

Fight Against Domestic Violence

Our fundraising efforts enables us to provide temporary shelters for young mothers who are victims of domestic violence. We have opened a channel of communication for women who are battered to reach out for help by organizing workshops and outreach programs to spread awareness on and the abuse of women and children in our communities. Our counseling services and training is designed to help victims become socially and economically autonomous


We live in a society that puts women on the back burner and as a result, most women and young girls do not reach their full potential professionally. Our Confident Girl Self Esteem initiative is designed to help our younger generation develop a leadership mindset at a very young age. The Ultimate aim of this association is to encourage and train significant numbers of women for informed leadership positions that will ultimately promote a progressive development agenda. This we can accomplish through our leadership and entrepreneurial conferences.


To empower innovators, inspire future generations and build inclusive cultures.


To become the gold standard for gender inclusivity. Make men part of the solution.

Elevate Your Career With Our Professional Training

We provide our members with the best professional training, entrepreneurial support and mentorship to help develop their leadership skills, grow their enterprises and in turn, motivate and encourage others.

2019 STEM Mentor/Advocate and Exemplary Trailblazer Award Winners Alicia Morgan and Nkem Okafor

A networking opportunity for like-minded professional and entrepreneurial women who consider AWEP central to their businesses, careers and professions. AWEP provides amazing connections, resources and opportunities – all in a supportive environment that includes men who champion AWEP’s mission.

For organizations that want to reach decision makers, hire “star” employees and increase their bottom line by tapping into the power of AWEP’s Membership Network. Businesses benefit by recognizing that women’s leadership skills and purchasing power are the greatest economic force at work in the Global economy today.

AWEP targets women startup companies, first time entrepreneurs and individuals wanting to explore starting their own business. The Summit offers information on local funding sources and business resources that are vital to assisting entrepreneurs in starting, growing or expanding their businesses. 

AWEP celebrates and honors extraordinary and inspirational women professionals and entrepreneurs whose work embody the spirit of our organization. The AWEP Woman of the Year Award honors women who have led the way in advancing equity, economic security and leadership for women and girls in our communities through mentorship, leadership and contribution to the advancement of women in STEM. The ANWEP “Empower Girls in STEM” program gives underrepresented groups, particularly girls and women, a window into STEM careers and builds a network of support and ongoing mentorship for female students who are interested in studying and practicing STEM. The Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals (AWEP) “Woman of the Year” award is the highest individual honor that AWEP bestows. The 2021 Award recipient will be honored at the AWEP 2021 Annual Convention and Awards Banquet. 

Corporate Partners

What Our Members Have to Say

It was a great honor to be recognized as the Exemplary Trailblazer of the Year 2019 by ANWEP during the Annual Leadership Awards Convention in Dallas, TX.
Nkem Okafor
Dallas, USA
I left the 2019 leadership conference feeling empowered, confident, and informed. With all of the things that have been going on this year, the webinar was such a ray of sunshine.
Adaeze Daizy
South Africa
I am very proud of our organization and what we have accomplished. Our annual teen empowerment workshop continues to positively impact young girls in our community.
Dr. Rachel Azinge
Dallas, USA
This is a great organization and I am happy to be a member since 2017. The entrepreneurial support is amazing. I am able to network with like minded women and build meaningful relationships with other professionals and entreprneurs.
Uchechi Adams
Leicester, UK